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The Beauty of Palawan (Day 1)

Nothing defines Palawan more than the water around it.

Palawan was the next destination for these bitches. May 23, 2014 that was the date for our flight. The airfare we purchased cost, Php 3,700.00 round trip ticket.IMG_1770

Welcomed by De Alegre Travel and Tours for our first day. We headed for the Ugong Rock Adventures.IMG_1772

We put on our gear and headed to the top, well of course we stop to take some pictures. It was one hell of trekking and caving.IMG_1784

At the top of the Ugong Rock, a zip line is waiting to bring you down or you can just walk through again on your way back. Since we’re on a budget and we needed to burn some fats we started walking after some minutes of enjoying the view from the top. The view you rarely see in Manila (haha).IMG_1886

And then, we’re tired from the trekking, lunch is served! And it’s an Eat-all-you-can Restaurant. Those sweats were useless after all.IMG_1899

Underground River, here we come!IMG_1966

Before stepping to it, we still have to ride a boat, and we have to wait for our turn in entering the River. So we had the time to do some foolishness in the area and also picture taking.

Though the waiting time is quite long, we managed to explore the place and found some relatives of ours (hahaha). Hail to our monkey sisters!

And then the waiting stopped, and it was our turn already. It’s totally dark inside, the only light we have is the flashlight of our guide.


It was really a breathtaking view inside. Various rock formations welcomed us.It includes major formations of stalactites, stalagmites and several large chambers.  Oh well don’t forget about the bats wandering around 🙂

So before going back to the city we stopped by the KARST Mountain Elephant Cave and took a picture.


Before traveling to El Nido, we had to stop at this restaurant where they serve an edible bird soup. It really taste good.IMG_2137

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Experiencing Puerto Galera 2013

So here is my first! Our first out of town trip actually with my bitches. Yeah bitches, that is what we call each other. Friends since the very first day of our college years. And now that we are working, we could now afford this vices of ours.

Puerto Galera is the first. Since it is the nearest we could find that we want to explore. It was an overnight out of town trip.

Friday night, we decided to stay at one of my bitches apartment in Las Pinas, she said that we could already take a bus form there going to the terminal of buses going to Batangas Port. Since we stayed up late that night because of the endless stories we share, the suppose to be 5:00 am start of travel was not followed (hahahaha).

Batangas Port 🙂

We arrived at the port at around 9 am. Got our one way ticket for Php 500.00 . Expensive right? haha

It was almost 1 hour travel. The ride was a little bumpy but safe.

Touchdown Puerto Galera!
Touchdown Puerto Galera!

Yeah, and I was not included. They have an incredible photographer and that’s me! Arrived safely at White Beach, Puerto Galera at around 10:00 AM. We instantly looked for our guide to the hotel.

La Solana View from the terrace :)
La Solana View from the terrace 🙂

We directly went to the hotel after we saw our guide. Since we arrived early, we just talked to the management if we could have an early check in and they agreed.

White Beach :)
White Beach 🙂

The hotel was 5 minutes walking distance from the beach, so at around 5 pm we walk going to the shoreline and boom, PEOPLE! The place was crowded.

Guli Divers Restaurant

We had our snack at Guli Divers, we ordered Hawaiian pizza since we’re still full. After the snack, we decided to take a walk along the beach and take some pictures.


We don’t have that much picture where we are complete, so sad.


It’s hot and we needed something cold. Scrumble baby!

Sunset Ladies
Sunset Ladies

Enjoying the sunset. Getting ready to be wasted for the night 🙂 .


Just before we drink 🙂 .

and it started!

It’s all about the sand, the sun, the skin and the sling baby! Night life in Puerto Galera wouldn’t be complete without tasting their Mindoro Sling. This concoction consists of Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Mango Juice, Lime Juice, Grenadine Syrup and Sprite garnished with small slice of mango. The most popular drink in Mindoro. We had 2 rounds before calling it a night. And yes, as you can see, we were drunk or I was the only one. (hahahaha)

Night swimming.
Night swimming.

Since we’re feeling hot, night swimming was the best way to remove our flushed feelings.


And then they build something I can’t show you. See how crazy they were! Sorry guys but I can’t show you the end product of their craziness. 😛

Day 2

Early birds....
Early birds….

And we set off for the island hoping package we got from one of the kuya bangkero’s at the beach. Despite the hangover we manage to wake up early for the tour.

off we go!
off we go!

The tour we had includes island hoping, fish feeding and snorkeling as shown below. 🙂

underground chuchu!haha
The water was so cold here and the water current too.
fish, fish, fish!


Pose ladies!

That would sum up all the things we did in Puerto Galera, though it was just an overnight stay we still managed to enjoy ourselves and achieved the therapy we needed.

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Hello world!

Hmm. Test. Test.

Hi there people! OMG, I’m freaking nervous with what I’m doing right now. Well, this blog will be featuring all my adventures. I just want to share all my travel experiences in this blog so haters back off! 😛

Travelling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

Travelling calms our mind, body and soul.

Travel brings power and love back to our life.

We travel not to escape life but for life not escape us.

Gear up and start travelling!